Creating your website is not just about coding 5-8 pages and uploading it on the internet. Your website is the face of your business that shouldn't just talk but WOW your customers. The goal is to have your website deliver results such as convert visitors into leads, drive your sales volumes up and keep you ahead of your competition.

Website designing process involves a lot of strategy to determine an ideal design and layout with proper call to action.


Every day approximately 1 billion searches are performed on Google, Yahoo etc. to find information, a product or a service. Your product or service is also a part of these 1 billion searches. When someone searches on Google and they do not find you on Page 1 of Search Results, you lose a potential customer/client.

IvoryShore team has a phenomenal track record and delivered over 500+ Page 1 Google Rankings for our clients.


4 Lessons learnt by venturing inside a Web Analytics expert’s mind!
By: ivoryshore,
Apr 03, 2014

You may shrug off the responsibility of a site’s success or smugly wallow in your creative abilities, thinking to yourself—“what have I got to do with it?” But that’s the easy way out! On the other hand, there are a plethora of KPI’s in Analytics that can shed light on some new perspectives. Assuming you’re a designer who loves challenges, this would only add to your knowledge arsenal. It’s utmost important that you know the Goal of the website, the priorities of your client, to make smarter designing decisions. Read More

Is your overly effective web design, getting in the way of engaging the user?
By: Pooja Mehra,
Feb 26, 2014

According to a Harvard report, websites that are perceived as attractive are also recognized as useful and credible. The question isn’t about how easy or complicated is to achieve it, it’s about how far you are willing to meaningfully entertain your audience. For a start pose a few questions to yourself (or your designer) like, is your site- a) Useful b) Usable c) Valuable d) Desirable e) Credible f) Worth visiting again. If you’re satisfied with all your answers, you’re on the right track. Read More


Our website is an outcome of a process that involved consultation and co-operation at every stage. The result: increase in leads by 400%. Thanks Ivoryshore. We wholeheartedly recommend Ivoryshore to our associates.
Mark Wooly
Principal, Colo-Majic Enterprises

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