How Instagram Became the Best

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Arguably the best social media app available today, with over two million users after only two months and knocking Facebook off its pedestal, Instagram is something of an internet phenomenon. It has changed the rules of social communication worldwide and paved the way for other apps to push the boundaries of human interaction to make the most fundamental changes our society has seen in a short space of time. But how does it work?Founded in San Francisco in 2010, Instagram grew from an earlier idea called Burbn, the brain-child of co-founder Kevin Systrom. Burbn was designed to allow friends to check in their whereabouts online but after working with Mike Krieger the team decided to focus entirely on uploading photographs available for friends to like or comment upon. The name Instagram was taken from an abbreviation of the words “instant” and “telegram”. The app was generally easy to create and … Read More

Bootstrap Framework: An Easy & Responsive Framework To Build Websites Or Applications

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Bootstrap 4 tutorial

Coding is always an integral part of any application and websites are build by the complete deployment of all the modules which are prepared under the framework. Nowadays many types of the framework are used for complete development of website or application. Frameworks are the basic and functional unit of any website or an app. Coding in any programming language is troublesome when you are not working under a specific framework. In the computer world, Frameworks are considered as a conceptual structure that is going to be used in the development of the website or serve the bigger purpose. Interaction of programming concepts or modules is done under the frameworks, a kind of layered structure. Some frameworks include, Programs Modules Interfaces Packages Programming Tools Frameworks are used according to the purpose, for web-enabled purposes users go with the web framework. These types of frameworks are specifically used for such applications. … Read More